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Making Bespoke Models Of Your Daily Driver

Want a model of your truck, or maybe your mates truck??

Then we can do just that, with some pictures of the truck you would like modelled and a rough size, we can bring a real life truck into miniature form.

We have the ability to make any model truck in most scales, allowing for large truck model or something small for a mantle piece. Along with modelling most scales we can also add as many details as you like, whether it be a super-detailed truck or just a visual representation.

Get in contact today, and turn your real truck in to miniature form. Your truck, your style, our expertise – together, we'll create a miniature masterpiece that rolls with authenticity!"


Some Of Our Smaller Commissions


- Main Reference Image

Flipp Transport K200 Stock Truck - made from only 2 main photos, with a combined truck and trailer length of only 120mm


- Main Reference Image

Uhlenburg Peterbilt 378 - was not required to have a high level of detail with a combined tractor unit and trailer length of around 80mm

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