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  • Why is Railscale33d a Print-On-Demand Service?
    Railscale33d is a print-on-demand company because it limits the amount of stock we have to carry, thus meaning more space for state-of-the-art machinery to get the best details out of our models. Being a print-on-demand service does mean that the time to get a product ready and shipped out is a little longer than holding stock, as we have to remove supports and do quality checks.
  • What Type Of Payments Do You Accept?
    We accept the most common payment types of Stripe and Paypal, with a bank account transfer available for those located in New Zealand.
  • Can i Get A Model In A Different Scale?
    Absolutely, there are size limitations, but get in contact, and we can let you know what is and isn't possible
  • What Should I Look Out For With Resin 3d Printed Products?
    Resin 3d printed products, can be on the delicate side, we try to produce all our products to withstand being dropped, but for things like vehicle mirrors it would always pay to be careful when handling them. Another thing to look out for is placing your models in the sun for extended periods of time. The UV rays emitted from the sun are of a similar wavelength to those used to cure our 3d printed products, too much time in the sun can cause the print to go a brownish colour and become brittle.
  • Do I Have To Remove Any 3d Printing Process Supports?
    No, we do all that for you, thats what makes us different from many of the other model railway 3d printing company's.
  • My Product Is A Little Sticky To Touch?
    If you find your models to be slightly tacky or sticky on the underneath of the models, this is due to imperfections in the UV curing process, if this tackiness bugs you then place your models in the sun for an hour or two and the stickiness should go away, if it doesn't then a good scrub with a tooth brush under running water should resolve these issues
  • Can I Sand My Model To Make It More Smooth?
    Yes you can, but may I point out that when sanding resin printed parts it is extremely important to wear a mask/respirator as resin contains VOCs which can cause headaches and dizziness. Another precaution is the use of safety glasses when cutting resin parts, many a time have I fallen victim to stray pieces of resin ending up near my eye or even IN my eye. Safety first...
  • How Do You Create Your Windows On Your Vehicles?
    We create the windows on our vehicles using Glue N Glaze glue, which is produced by Deluxe Materials. Simply follow their instructions, and you will have awesome looking windows for your models
  • How Do I Redeem My Loyalty Points "Chuffs"
    This short video below will guide you through the process Any issues? please get in contact
  • What Is The Average Time For Completion Of An Order?
    Most orders will take 3 days to complete from the time payment has been received, sometimes this can be longer due to high workloads etc..
  • How Long Does It Take For My Painted Order To Be Completed?
    Painted orders can take up to a week to complete if there are numerous products that need painting and assembling
  • How Do I Have My Order Painted?
    On most products there are options on the right hand side of the page to select whether you want it "Painted + Assembled As Per Image" or "Paint Job Configuration + Assembly)
  • What Does "Painted + Assembled As Per Image" Mean?
    The "Painted + Assembled As Per Image" means just that. Your model will be painted just like the model in the first image of that product page, it will also be assembled to look the same. For a different paint job or assembly from the image, please see the "Paint Job Configuration + Assembly" option
  • What Does "Paint Job Configuration + Assembly" Mean?
    The "Paint Job Configuration + Assembly" means that you can specify how you want it painted. To do this, simply select "No" under the "Painted + Assembled As Per Image" field and then type in the paint colour or design you would like in the "Paint Job Configuration + Assembly". Once the order is placed, we will contact you regarding the paint job and the additional cost. You are more than welcome to send us any images of the requested paint job in case it is too hard to describe.
  • My Model Has Been Broken In Shipping?
    Sorry to hear that, get in contact with me at or via the contact page and we can help you out.
  • Are There Assembly Instructions For Replicazz Kits?
    Yes, there is a YouTube video that covers the assembly of the Western Star 4800, all the other Replicazz kits follow similar if not the same steps for assembly. In saying that, we are currently working on creating assembly videos of every Replicazz product.

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