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Another fantastic model from the line up of Replicazz from Railscale33d. This N scale W900 Log Truck from the early 1980s can be purchased as a kit, where components like rims and tyres will have to be painted and glued together. There are two versions to this Kit, Version 1 has a fixed hood, but Version 2 has the ability to hinge open and closed


The pole trailer can be hitched on to the back of the truck, and the log poles are separate, of which they fit into locating holes allowing them to rotate (just like the real thing)


The kit can also be purchased assembled and painted in any paint scheme (depends on complexity)


This Kit Contains

  • x1 KW900 Hood (if opening hood option is selected)
  • x1 KW900 Cab 
  • x1 KW900 Logger Chassis 
  • x1 Pole Trailer
  • x2 Log Poles 
  • x1 Logging Rack
  • x2 Front Rims 
  • x8 Rear Rims 
  • x2 Front Tyres
  • x8 Rear Tyres


A video is available on how to assemble these Replicazz Kits (see below link)

Available as well are various detail parts that can be bought separately and fitted, to give your model a true one off look

N Scale Kenworth W900 1980s Log Truck

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