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3d Printed NEM Pockets In N Gauge??

Updated: Jan 24

UPDATE: The NEM pocket we created doesn't fit the latest Graham Farish coupler tooling. We've removed it from the store until we resolve the fitment issue through further testing.

As part of my venture in to making the N gauge OTA wagon, i decided to see if i could reproduce a NEM pocket, so i fired up the CAD software, took dimensions off the injection moulded NEM pocket, plugged them into CAD and in a couple of minutes i had a model of NEM pocket, the next challenge was printing them with the right tolerances, this took 6 versions before i nailed the fitment, (not as bad as my TEN versions to produce a Tow Truck Bed!!).

Any way they function perfectly, thanks to the original NEM pocket using a compliant mechanism to create the spring motion, which is something resin printers are also good at (only in small sizes though), meaning the 3d printed pocket still has the same elasticity/springiness as the injection moulded part, please bear in mind though, they are still 3d printed.

To those that doubt its function, see this video below where the NEM pocket is attached to our OTA Wagon

And at only $1.50 nzd per NEM thats pretty cheap compared to the steep prices that other manufactures sell them at, and you cant even buy just One NEMey.

If you are interested, then here's the link to the NEM pocket product page - NEM Pockets!!

Definitely interested in other peoples thoughts...


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