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NZ 1:120 88 Seater Railcar

This is part 2 of my first blog post about the Drewry 88 Seater - Part 1 is Here

Well after a couple of days turned into a week then into a whole month, then perhaps another month more, we finally have the nz120 Drewry railcar finished - something i wasnt too sure i would be ever able say (I am one of those "Blessed" to have a list of projects longer than my arm).

This railcar goes to show that technology has come a long way; back 20 years ago or roundabout a Muppet like me wouldn't have been able to complete such a task, but now through the power of CAD, CAM and a bit of luck we can produce outcomes that can trick the eye into thinking that they are the "real deal".

For those interested in securing such a railcar for themselves, the 88 seater is available via the website, it is however only in stock when ever I have the required chassis. However if you do happen to have a LifeLike chassis with Bo-Bo configuration (four axles in two individual bogies) then feel free to select " I have a chassis" option and we can use that chassis to build your 88 seater.

Get a railcar for yourself Click Here

Next on the "list longer that my arm" is a lovely Tranz Metro ganz-mavag emu produced by 3foot6 models

Want to know more?

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