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Purchase this awesome N gauge OTA Wagon as a Ready-To-Run model or as a kit.

This OTA wagon has been printed on a resin printer allowing for greatly increased details, competing on levels with and higher than that of injected moulded products


If purchasing as a kit please select Kit under the "RTR Or Kit" field and ignore the "Livery" field 


Access the instruction manual HERE


If a kit, this is what your kit will contain 


  • x1 OTA Wagon Chassis 
  • x2 OTA Wagon Ends 
  • x18 OTA Wagon Log Poles (we will include spares)
  • x2 OTA Handbrakes (we will include spares) 
  • x2 Railscale33d NEM pockets (we will include spares)


If you would like to purchase RTR then select RTR under the "RTR Or Kit" field and state what livery you would like it in, via the "Livery" field. RTR models will take a number of days to complete 

N Gauge OTA Wagon RTR Or KIT

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