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How We Make Your Designs Come Real

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Have you ever wondered how we make your design's reality?

Well now you don't need to because in this post we cover the process from start to finish, so you know what to expect when dealing with our custom design and 3d printing service.

All projects start with the customer contacting us and giving us a description of what they want. That description could involve drawings, images and measurements. These resources are useful because they help us get an understanding of the project and an estimated cost.

Once you have sent through all the resources, and we have checked them, we start the CAD drawing process. A CAD drawing will usually cost between $30-$40. Depending on the level of sophistication, a CAD drawing can take a couple of minutes to quite a few hours. During the CAD process, we will send updates on the process and image/dimensions so that you clarify whether they are correct and achieve what you want.

The next part of the process includes 3d printing of the design. The price of 3d printing depends on the size and complexity of the design. 3d printing can be done on two types of machines: SLA printing or FDM. SLA (also known as resin printing) is used when high amounts of detail are required and is more complicated when it comes to setup. SLA printing uses a resin liquid which is cured via a UV light, whereas FDM printer use a filament made of plastic.

FDM (what most people think of when they think of 3d printers) are used when less detail is required and large quantities are needed. FDM printing is also a lot more simple when compared with SLA.

The last part of the process is clean up and payment of design. Clean up involves removal of printing supports and curing of SLA printed parts. Payment can be done using your preferred method. A quote will be sent through explaining how much each part of the process cost. Once payment has been received, your 3d parts will be printed and then sent to you, ready to painted and used.

And there you have it. A brief write up about how we make your dream's reality.

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